Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) president Lotay Tshering, during his campaign in Pemagatshel on September 26, pledged to provide a gynaecologist and a surgeon to the dzongkhag hospital.

He also promised to blacktop all the farm roads in the dzongkhag if they form the government.

The president said DNT securing more than 1,000 votes each in all the three constituencies in the dzongkhag has boosted the party, as it was a new political party. “I returned to start my campaign from here to thank the people of Pemagatshel.”

He said DNT has also secured the second highest votes in the constituencies where Druk Phuensun Tshogpa (DPT) won. “We still see opportunities to win at least four to five constituencies in the east as there was no huge difference in terms of votes.”

Lotay Tshering said many supporters advised the party not to campaign beyond Thrumshingla but focus in the western dzongkhags as per the primary result, as the party might just win by holding on to the 25 constituencies DNT and PDP won.

“It is not about which party wins during an election but that a nation should win at the end of the process. What will we do if there are no representatives from the east in the Cabinet even if we form the government? I didn’t come here as a party but as a Bhutanese,” he said.

The president said that if DNT were given a chance to form the government, they would spend more time in the east and appoint three to five ministers from the east. “Even if our campaign in the east comes at the cost of losing this election, we intend on starting our campaign from the east. We won’t regret losing an election if we can win at least four to five constituencies in the east.”

He said that they cannot blacktop all the farm roads in the country and provide base course, as there is no enough budget but if DNT wins in one of the constituencies in Pemagatshel, they would blacktop all the farm roads in Pemagatshel and carry out maintenance and blacktopping works of Tselinggor- Pemagatshel highway. “We will make the highway an exemplary road.”

He also said that of the three candidates in Pemagatshel, two have served as secretaries and are capable for ministers while the other candidate is one of the founding members of DNT.

“If the candidates win from the constituencies, I will appoint two ministers and a speaker from Pemagatshel although I don’t have full authority for a speaker as it involves other members,” Lotay Tshering said. “If DNT is given a chance to form the government, we will send a gynaecologist and a surgeon to the dzongkhag hospital in January 2019 and other specialists after that. If the dzongkhag needs developments, it’s important to give opportunities to other parties.”

He said it is not good to support one political party, as it will not benefit anyone in future because it indicates that Pemagatshel is only for DPT. “I didn’t criticise other parties and will not do that as all the parties are there to serve the nation and its people.”

He said that if Pemagatshelpas continue to support DPT, the dzongkhag would not get capable candidates in future because capable candidates will not join other parties, as they will not get support from the dzongkhag. I am concerned about this.”

Lotay Tshering said that it’s time to recognise what kind of problems would arise in future and find solutions today. “Pemagatshelpas will not get good opportunities than 2018 to change the mindset of the people.”

Kelzang Wangchuk | Pemagatshel