The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) wants its terms of reference finalised for its party president to follow before electing a new president.

The party has said that handing over the post to a new president will enable the current party president and Prime Minister, Dr Lotay Tshering, to focus on governance.

The party’s general secretary, Phurba, said that the development of the terms of reference is expected to be complete next month. The terms of reference, he said, had to be in compliance with the party charter and the Constitution.

He said that the executive committee would nominate the candidates for the post and that the party was trying to hold the election within December. “We will have a general assembly to elect the president,” he said.

Party officials said the party president would have to work closely with the prime minister, the cabinet and the government.

The first two prime ministers had kept the post of party president also.

The party’s charter does not allow a person to hold the posts of both party president and Prime Minister. The responsibilities of the party president include providing effective leadership to the party and representing the party in various national and international forums. 

The party has said that the move will set a right precedent since governance and politics will be separated.

A founding member of the party, Tenzin Lekphel, said, “DNT strongly believes in appointing a new president because we want to bring a change. We want our PM to focus on governance and the people.”

He said that a new president outside of the government would be able keep the party alive and vibrant to pursue its goal of “narrowing the gap.” The move, he said, would also enable the president to totally focus on party affairs and not mix DNT affairs with governance.

The party however, Tenzin Lekphel said, needed to develop a clear understanding and terms of reference for the party president. “The party president also will have to work closely with the prime minister, the cabinet and the government,” he said.

The party charter states that a general assembly will be held to elect office bearers, including the party president.

MB Subba