Football: In the opening game of the DHI owned Companies (DOC) Cup, Bank of Bhutan (BoB) thrashed Druk Holdings and Investment (DHI) 6-0 at the Changlimithang stadium on Saturday.

In the second game Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) FC defeated Drukair FC 5-4.

Bhutan Football Federation organized the league tournament on the request of the DOCs. A press release from DHI stated that the tournament was organized mainly to build a ‘strong team spirit’ amongst all the companies.

The press release also stated that although it is very common and easy to talk on team building and unity but very few understand how to create the experience of teamwork or how to develop an effective team.

The DOC Cup will provide an opportunity for the companies under the DHI umbrella to come together through the game of football. “Even though we have a specific job function and we belong to a specific company, we are unified through one holding company,” stated the press release. “Team building through a sport event, especially football is the best way to bring the employees together. As a team building event, the DOC cup’s main target is to enhance and develop team spirit with the DOCs.”

BoB’s Passang Norbu said that the employees are caught up with their own works throughout the week that they hardly get to see each other even though they work in the same office. “Such opportunities should help individuals of the same company to get to know each other better,” he said.

A total of nine teams are taking part in the tournament that began on Saturday.

Younten Tshedup