Crematorium: Almost two years after a petition was submitted, the Dogap villagers are still waiting for some action from the gewog administration to repair the crematorium.

A total of 30 households in Dophuchen, Samtse submitted their concerns to the gewog office December last year after the crematorium was hit and damaged by a windstorm.

Dogaps requested for an extra house to keep the bodies. They also asked for the expansion of the small pathway that leads to the crematorium.

“The path is slippery and small,” said a villager. “ It is difficult for us to carry the bodies, especially during the summer.”

Dophuchen Gup Chandra Prasad Phuyel said the gewog office is aware of the matter. “We have a plan to construct a new and better crematorium for the people.”

Chandra Prasad Phuyel added that it remains with Dogap people to choose whether a new crematorium should be built. The construction or renovation, whichever is preferred by the people, will be completed within a year.

“By the time the ongoing lhakhang construction is completed, the crematorium will also be completed,” said Chandra Prasad Phuyel. “However, we need to consult with the people.”

Rajesh Rai, Dophuchen