Staff Reporter 

The Waste Management Committee started door-to-door awareness campaign on waste segregation between Dechencholing and Ngabi Rongchu in South Thimphu yesterday.

This is an activity for a clean and green Bhutan, according to officials from the committee.

A team of 26 de-suups informed residents about the importance of segregating wet and dry wastes.

“The awareness campaign period will be used to identify those who have not carried out proper segregation of wet and dry wastes,” officials said.

After the campaign period, violators will be fined as per the Waste Prevention and Management Regulations.

The fines for not segregating waste will be Nu 3,000 for the first offence; Nu 6,000 on the second offence; and Nu 9,000 for third-time offenders.

The awareness campaign will end on November 30.

Segregated waste makes it easier to reprocess wet waste into compost and simplifies separating the dry waste into recyclable materials.