The 46km farm road that connects the three remote chiwogs of Gongsekha, Gongduegang and Tshetenkhar in Jigmecholing gewog, Sarpang, would soon be pliable all seasons.

This is because the Department of Roads (DoR) confirmed the budget to construct three bridges along the farm road through small development project from the government of India.

The road has remained useless during monsoon as of now with people still needing to walk officially two days to reach the chiwogs, as numerous rivers along the farm road swell during monsoon making it difficult for vehicles to ply.

Jigmechholing gup, Kumar Gurung, said that the construction of the bridges could not be part of the 12th Plan, as it was too costly to carry out works from the gewog budget.

He said the gewog in consultation with the dzongkhag administration proposed for a separate budget.

The gup said that recently a team completed surveying the construction of two bridges, both of which are shorter than 150 ft. While one bridge will be constructed over Ratey river, another one will be constructed over the Simkharka river.

He said that survey for the construction of third Bridge (200ft) over Rong river is yet to be carried out. “The construction of the bridges are confirmed and works will begin soon.”

Gup Kumar Gurung said without the bridges, the farm road is useless during monsoon.

The farm road, a decade-long project, completed in June 2018. It ends at Gongsekha Primary School.

The gup said that the farm road construction would continue soon. It will connect the remotest Dhungye village on the opposite valley of Lhayul chiwog in Chudzom gewog.

The gewog recently completed surveying the 16km stretch further from the school until Dhungye village.

The gup said an excavator is already on its way and it is clearing smalls block on the way. “The excavator will reach the site and start constructing the farm road further in a few days.”

He said the construction will be carried out by the gewog and has Nu 1.5M budget to pay the operator and fuel the machine.

Nirmala Pokhrel   | Tsirang