Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

Dorokha Central School (DCS) has been without an accounts teacher for almost a month since the teacher left on maternity leave on September 21.

The school management has written to Samtse dzongkhag administration after the teacher took leave and has been waiting for a replacement since then.


Dorokha Central School

The school’s principal Udai Narayan Bhattarai said, “We have been informed that the dzongkhag has written to the ministry.”

The principal said that they submitted the concern to the dzongkhag even before the accounts teacher left– in July. However, the appeal was only accepted after she left, as per the rule, he added.

Without an accounts teacher, both Class XI and XII students have been without accounts lessons. There are 37 students in Class XI and 32 in Class XII.

Udai Narayan Bhattarai said that the other teachers in the school were not well versed in the subject and none could replace the position.

With the exams slated for March, the principal said they are pushing the matter. But each day without the replacement is building the tension on the administration and students.

The Dzongkhag Education Officer (DEO) in Samtse, Karma Sonam Chophel said they have already intimated the ministry on the requirement.

“The problem also lies with having fewer teachers,” he said, adding that a school would not have two teachers for the same subject.

The DEO said they also explored options within the dzongkhag. Although there were few of them, they haven’t ever taught the subject.

In such a situation, Karma Sonam Chophel said that they have to recruit a new one on a temporary basis, unless the ministry has excess teachers in other dzongkhags and redeploy them.

“We haven’t yet heard from the ministry but we are still pursuing this matter,” he said.