By-election: Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) has nominated thirthy-year-old Chencho Nidup from Taba, Kawang gewog in Thimphu as its North Thimphu candidate for by-election after the party’s member of parliament Kinga Tshering tendered his resignation last month.

The Opposition Party announced its candidate yesterday, a day after the People’s Democratic Party nominated Tshering from Taba as their candidate from north Thimphu on September 8.

Chencho Nidup, a graduate from Jodhpur University with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration, has been running his parents’ business, Druk Events.

“Though I have not much to say at this point of time, I am hopeful of receiving your support if I get elected,” Chencho Nidup said.

According to DPT, though there were people interested to contest, the party had to choose the candidate carefully depending on the current situation. “We had to look for a candidate who knows the current scenario of the country, the conditions in the constituency and the priorities of people,” said Opposition Leader (Dr) Pema Gyamtsho.

The party, therefore, had to go for someone registered in the constituency and is known to the people. The party also wasn’t looking for someone who can win by any means because it needed someone who is good with thought and mind.

“Even if it meant of having a young candidate we needed someone who can serve for long-term,” the Opposition Leader said.

The party expressed its disappointment and apologised to have one of its member resign. The party supported its former member Kinga Tshering’s pursuit for study only if the parlimanent granted the study leave. “We told him that he must not resign for it would undermine the fundamental principles of democracy.”

Moreover, the party feared the MP’s resignation would affect the representation in North Thimphu and people would also be disappointed since the constituency could not be represented well even before. The party, however, had to let go of its member respecting an individual’s freedom to choose, which is the fundamental principle of democracy.

But Opposition Leader said that the DPT had always given fair share of attention and development even though its former member of parliament Ugyen Tshering was ill throughout his term. “The other members of parliament ensured that whatever was required in the constituency was provided. Nothing was left undone from the plans,” the Opposition Leader said.

(Dr) Pema Gyamtsho also said that people should not base their judgment on single action since people can serve in different capacities. “Even the former MP Kinga Tshering would return  to Bhutan some day and contribute in his own ways,” he said.

The party is also confident to win again in the by-election. “Be it people from the towns or those from the highlands, they know the differences between the present and the former government on how each served its people,” the Opposition Leader said.

Tempa Wangdi