Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Come June, people of Drakteng gewog would have a three-storey one-stop service centre that would provide all gewog services.

With all the service providers scattered at present, villagers face difficulties in availing services on time.

The gewog administration, branch offices of the Renewable Natural Resources(RNR), gewog community centre are located in a different location.

Drakteng gup Kingzang Dorji said, “For example, if the people need to photocopy, they have to go to the community centre which is located in another location. After that, they have to come back to the gewog office to get the signature. They lose a lot of time.”

The gup said that once the building is completed all the service providers will be in the same building and it will be very convenient for the public.

The one-stop service centre is the first in the whole of 205 gewogs, gewog officials said.

“It will be an example for the other gewogs to follow for the benefit of the public.”

The new building will have gewog administration, RNR offices, community centre, and also offices for tshogpas.

Gup Kingzang Dorji said that if any of the financial institutions and other service providers want to open offices, gewog would provide space.

The gewog administration also plans to open ATM service in the same building after consultation with the financial institutions.

The current gewog administration office will be used as a guest house.

The construction which started in June 2019 is being constructed at the cost Nu 7.8 million from the gewog fund.