Decides to reduce, reuse and recycle waste

Although residents of Drepong gewog in Mongar suggested the need to identify a landfill in the 12th Plan to dispose their garbage, it was decided that no landfill would be identified.

This, according to the gewog forestry extension officer, Pema Dendup, was because of the problems  associated with the landfills.

He said that the decision was made during the waste management awareness meeting that the forestry extension office conducted in coordination with the gewog administration.

Pema Dendup said that the main source of waste in the gewog is from households and agricultural activities, which can be managed by reducing, reusing and recycling.

He said that the two days meeting also discussed the need for an action plan and an agreement for waste management. About 180 participants attended the meeting.

The extension officer also said that waste management was a problem mostly in commercial towns like Thimphu and Phuentsholing in the past but it has moved to the dzongkhags too.

“It won’t take long for remote villages to face problem with waste, as the population is increasing and because of developmental activities,” he said.

As a measure, it is crucial for all to take care of the issue right from the beginning, added Pema Dendup.

Drepong gewog administration officer, Sonam Chophel, said the gewog has initiated cleaning campaigns once a month and during auspicious days involving every household member to control waste.

He also said that every household has a waste disposal bin at their doorstep to maintain the surrounding clean.

The gewog administration collects the waste from chiwogs and households every month and stores at the gewog centre for disposal.

Sonam Chophel said the action plan would look into segregation of waste at source, limiting consumption of  products that produce waste, composting, and disposal of waste and making waste a resource for the community.

He said that it has been observed that the local communities are used to consuming Litchi juice especially during rituals and gatherings because of convenience.

“We can replace it with other healthy fruit drinks manufactured locally in our country so that the larger containers can be reused for other purposes.”

He also said the gewog will use a water filter in the office to reduce the use of mineral water, which is served to visitors.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar