Yangyel Lhaden

The bolero driver, who injured two desuups on duty on September 15 last year, is on bail and Thimphu dzongkhag court is yet to conduct the trial.

Although traffic police charged the driver with unlicensed, culpable driving, and not following the general duties of a driver since October 13 last year, they are yet to collect the statement from desuup Phub Gyem, who was gravely injured.

The officer-in-command (OC) for traffic division, Lt Colonel Chencho Gyeltshen, said they could not collect statements and injury report from the two desuups, as they were in India. “We now have desuup Dechen Tshomo’s statement and injury report.”

He explained they would take desuup Phub Gyem’s statement when she is able to provide it to submit to court as evidence.

Police officials said the driver was detained for more than 20 days and released on bail.

According to the OC, the driver was charged with culpable driving as he was intoxicated and did not have a licence.

He said that, though he was not driving when the accident took place, he was responsible, as his carelessness resulted in the accident.

The bolero without the driver hit the desuups in Babesa after the driver removed the stone underneath the wheel.  The driver had parked his vehicle on a slope.

Meanwhile, the top five traffic offences according to traffic division in their half-yearly report, 2020 are driving without licence, drink driving, using mobile phones, speeding, and driving with learner licence.