Chhimi Dema 

“Druk” is a feature film that is about more than just football. It is about losing matches but winning hearts. It is about giving second chances and building trust.

The film about football tells two stories: one, about an underdog named Druksel played by the national footballer Chencho Gyeltshen, and the other about a national coach, Jigme Gyeltshen, played by Tshering Gyeltshen.

The film premiered on December 25.

The storyline focusing on Druksel presents composites that build a star player and the rift between his father’s expectations and Druksel who seemingly fails his father.

The other focuses on the national coach Jigme Gyeltshen’s career. Driven by a lust for power, Dendup, played by Kuenga Tenzin Dorji (Supe), traps Jigme Gyeltshen, making him lose his prestigious position as a national coach.

The two protagonists Jigme Gyeltshen and Druksel portray a tough love, mentor and mentee relationship.

Chencho Gyeltshen’s first TV appearance is supremely fine with facial expressions that blend perfectly with the mood of the scenes.

The film’s cinematography and fewer musical scenes are fresh elements speaking of today’s Bhutanese film industry. Foreshadowing and flashback techniques employed could have left the viewer confused, but instead they help present narratives that contribute to a clear storyline.

The appearance of popular faces of the Bhutanese film industry enlivens the film.

The film was written by Tshering Gyeltshen and Sonam Dorji, and produced by Paljor Gyabak.