Dechen Dolkar 

Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa elected Kinga Tshering as its president and Chenga Tshering (PhD) as its vice president during its first party convention held on May 2 in Paro.

During the convention, the party charter was also drawn and approved.

Kinga Tshering is the former north Thimphu’s member of parliament (MP) of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT). He resigned in 2016 to pursue studies.

He said that he returned to politics with his expertise and specialisation in leadership and economic development.

The president said that people are disillusioned with the political race to the bottom with politicians pandering with “two faces”, one before and another after the elections.

“People aspire for a fundamental shift in the political discourse in keeping with the exemplary leadership of our Kings,” he said, adding that the people do not expect “freebies” but concrete plans and policies that will lead to overall national progress and prosperity. “Thuendrel is committed to breaking this vicious cycle through our motto that promises made are promises kept.”

Kinga Tshering said the party is inspired by the Royal Address on December 17 last year, the tenets of the Constitution, and the aspirations of the people of Bhutan.

He said that in keeping with the pressing needs of the country and as spelt out by His Majesty The King, the party is geared towards not just guiding the country towards economic recovery, but ensuring sustained economic prosperity.

Chenga Tshering is the former candidate of DPT for Thrimshing-Kangpara constituency.

He said the party is a realisation of the wishes, hopes and aspirations of supporters across the country. “We stand to represent choice, change and trust.”

According to the party, their ideology is in putting the nation first by making personal and collective sacrifices in pursuit of a progressive modern economy anchored in the timeless tradition of the gross national happiness (GNH) society under the visionary guidance of our monarchs.

“The vision of the party is a value-based party committed to the pursuit of GNH that promotes equitable development, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity and social harmony,” according to the party. “The mission of the party is to manifest thuendrel service to the Tsawa-Sum in Lue-Nga-Yi-Sum (body, speech and mind) with a relentless focus on efficient public service delivery through tenacity, discipline and ngar.”

Meanwhile, the party claimed it has finalised 27 candidates, including three female candidates. The party is planning to register with the Election Commission within this month.