Comes into effect from January 1, 2018

Traveling by Drukair will become a lot cheaper from January 1.

With the reduction in the fuel price (Aviation Turbine Fuel) in Paro, Drukair is slashing the airfare by 15 percent to all Bhutanese on all domestic and international sectors, booking class ‘S’ and 25 percent for all Bhutanese senior citizens, above 60 years old, on all international and domestic routes.

The 25 percent reduction for senior citizens will be throughout the year irrespective of travel times. In the past, discount to senior citizens was availed only as promotional fares.

Drukair also slashed the airfare for all foreign nationals by 5 percent on the international sectors. A new booking class ‘Q” will be introduced for citizens from the member countries of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).  However, they will not see any reduction in the airfare. Before the new booking class for SAARC members, both Bhutanese and SAARC members travel by the ‘S’ booking class. The new class ‘Q’ is only to differentiate Bhutanese from SAARC member country citizens.

The decision to reduce the airfare was to pass down the benefit to the people, stated a press release from Drukair

The cost of fuel has gone down by 14 percent in Paro due to which the operational cost out of Paro will go down by Nu 30 million, said a spokesperson for Drukair. “Drukair is foregoing Nu 97 million in revenue and Nu 71 million in profit because of the reduction in airfare,” said the spokesperson.

Staff reporter