Fortunately the pilots landed KB-140 safely in Guwahati 

Aviation: A Drukair aircraft with 103 passengers aboard was damaged after flying through hail while on approach to Guwahati airport in India yesterday.

The flight, KB 140, which was on the way to Bangkok via Guwahati, landed safely.

A press release issued by the national airline stated that the weather condition at Guwahati was forecast to be good in terms of visibility and with only light showers occurring.

The pilots were in the process of circumnavigating to avoid thunderstorms en route to Guwahati when they encountered hailstones. “On the approach of flight KB 140, the pilots unexpectedly encountered severe hail stones at the proximity of thunderstorm, though on very rare occasions thunderstorms produce hail stones,” a press release from the airline stated.

Damage to the aircraft is currently being assessed the airline said, while adding that it will be back in operation as soon as possible.

An image of the aircraft uploaded onto social media shows that the aircraft’s nose has been punctured by the hailstones.

As a result of the incident, flights have been rescheduled.

The airline issued the press release in response to “various speculations in public”.

The aircraft is currently grounded for technical reasons at Guwahati airport. A relief flight was operated to carry passengers bound for Bangkok.

Staff reporter