In honour of His Majesty The King

Staff Reporter

The national carrier, Drukair, will welcome the landing of the biggest aircraft, a new Airbus A320neo next month.

The airbus was registered as A5-JKW, in honour of His Majesty The King. The registration was done on February 21, coinciding with the 40th birth anniversary of His Majesty The King.

Chief Executive Officer of Drukair, Tandi Wangchuk said that A5 represented the country’s code and JKW was in honor of His Majesty The King.

The airbus is expected to arrive towards the third week of March at the Paro international airport.

Although such airbus could accommodate 180 economy class, he said that the Airbus A320neo would have 140 seats with 20 business class and 120 economy class considering the comfort of the passenger.

The new airbus is 15 percent fuel-efficient.

The aircraft cost about USD 51 Million with a debt to equity ratio of 70 to 30. The National Pensions and Provident financed 70 percent of the loan.

Drukair also distributed special birthday cakes to about 650 passengers flying in and out of the country during His Majesty’s birth anniversary.

Unlike the regular magazine, he said that Drukair launched special edition magazine—one-day issue— for February 21 to mark His Majesty’s 40th birth anniversary.