Neten Dorji

Trashigang Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) decided to blacktop the Merak gewog centre (GC) road through Khardung.

Tshogdu’s chairperson, Kinzang Dorji, said: “It was learnt that the government had spent a huge amount of money on maintenance and the road has become stable from Khardung. Moreover, the government has already estimated and allocated the budget from the Khardung route. We also decided to improve the Chaling road.”

In the last two sessions, the DT decided to blacktop the Merak GC road through Chaling via Merak considering it would benefit about 300 households. The people of Merak appealed twice to dzongkhag against the DT’s decision and reached the prime minister.

Early this year, human settlement ministry said that dzongdag must follow directives of the government.

After the ministry decision to blacktopped Merak GC from Khardung side, the representatives of Shongphu and Chaling chiwogs appealed to Trashigang court saying the decision had violated the DT’s decision.

Within three days of appeal, the court dismissed the petition submitted by representatives of two chiwogs considering the case was administrative in nature. The court said that case did not fulfil the requirement of a petition.

The government has approved Nu 128.31 million to blacktop the Merak GC road.