Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) introduced three more candidates from Lhuentse, Trashigang, and Trashiyangtse at its headquarters in Trashigang yesterday.

The party declared Tshoki Lhamo, 31, from Tangmachu as the candidate for Maenbi-Tsaenkhar constituency in Lhuentse. She studied Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature from the College of Language and Culture Studies, Trongsa.

She was an entrepreneur and a businesswoman for the past six years. It is her first time contesting for NA elections from Lhuentse.

During the introduction of candidates, Tshoki Lhamo said she joined DTT because of the party’s principles and ideology.

“There are not many women who participate in politics. I want to encourage more women to participate in elections where women can also shoulder responsibility equally as men,” she said.

Tshering Dorji, 51, will represent the party from Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency in Trashigang. He has a PhD in agriculture from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He worked for 20 years in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest in various positions and worked for four years as the Director of Field Operation, Research and Development, and Outreach of Mountain Hazelnuts Venture Private Limited.

Tshering Dorji said he hasn’t seen political parties consult people for development activities. “It is ok for us if people didn’t vote for us. We would never pledge what is not doable,” he said.

He is one of the founding members of DTT.

Thirty-seven-year-old Phuntsho Wangdi is DTT’s Khamdang-Ramjar candidate from Trashiyangtse.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in technology (Civil) from Bhagwant University, India conferred in 2017. Before joining DTT, he worked as Land Conveyancer, Project Engineer, and Lab Technician and also worked as a site supervisor for Tashi Cell. He worked for more than seven years in various positions.

So far DTT has declared 28 candidates.

Party officials said that four incumbent NC candidates who did not contest for 2023 NC confirmed to join DTT. Five new NC contestants are also confirmed as its candidates.

“Except for two constituencies, we have confirmed candidates from 45  constituencies,” said a party official. “Of which, we have four women candidates who will be contested in the NA election.”

From six eastern dzongkhags, the party is yet to declare candidates from Wamrong constituency, Bartsham-Shongphu constituency in Trashigang, Gangzur-Minjey constituency in Lhuentse, Nganglam constituency, Mongar constituency, and Jomotshangkha Martshala constituency.