Dungkhag relocated to Umling

Ceremony: The salang tendrel (ground breaking ceremony) for the construction of dungkhag office at Thangzor village in Umling gewog in Sarpang was held on November 21 by the home minister Dawa Gyeltshen.

The salang tendrel ceremony was presided over by the Gelephu Lam Neten.

Umling residents expect their livelihood and security to to be improved following the establishment of the dungkhag. Given the gewogs proximity to the border, security is a major concern for the people of Umling.

As the Taklai river swells every summer, Gelephu can get cut off from Umling disrupting transportation of agricultural products to the market.

The Dangling Tshogpa, in an earlier interview, said that with the establishment of the dungkhag in their locality, the road conditions should improve thereby improving livelihoods significantly as well.

Another resident, Tenzin said that to avail services like census registration, land records, and other issues, travel to Gelephu is required. A dungkhag should improve Umling’s access to public services.

The new dungkhag administration would be constructed on five acres of land in Thangazor which is about five kilometres away from the Umling gewog administration.

A total of 18.5M has been allocated in 11th five year plan.

Relocation was decided in the fifth dzongkhag tshogdu where all twelve gewogs voted.

Of the 23 local leaders who voted on the electronic voting machine during 5th DT meeting, 14 voted for Umling and nine for Chuzegang. As a result, the DT endorsed that the dungkhag be shifted to Thangzor in Umling

Relocating the dungkhang was one of the campaign pledges of the government.

By Yeshey Dema, Gelephu

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  1. sibidai
    sibidai says:

    So this is official now …such great public benefit?
    The only benefit I see is villagers’ woes highlighted to let dashos and families’ benefit out of proxy owned taxi and public transports services. But why not too… after all they are certainly the most privileged happy lot.

    Its another surprise that no one even thought that spending 18.5 million (plus some additional grants from some friendly nation) on a permanent bridge over river Aie/Maokhola would actually be more holistically beneficial to everyone??
    Or may be there is some other concern involve here?

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