LG: Pemagatshel held its first dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) yesterday.

The tshogdu elected its chairperson and vice chairperson.

Winning 14 votes from a total of 21 members comprising of gups and mangmis from the dzongkhag’s 11 gewogs, Chongshing gup Pema Dorji was elected the chairperson.

Defeating two of his counterparts, Dungmid gup Ugyen Tshering was elected vice chairperson with 10 votes.

Apart from different sectors presenting general information to the newly elected LG leaders, concerns about the decreasing number of monks in the dratshang was raised.

The need for additional health workers in some gewogs and a need for clear instructions while recruiting geydrungs was also discussed.

The DT members unanimously decided that based on the performance of the geydrung after the contract period of five years, the gewog administration can decide whether to retain the geydrung.

Most of the members agreed there is a need for gewog clerks.

Members expressed that with most children enrolled in schools it is difficult to find those interested in becoming monks. Members decided to create awareness on the importance of monks in the dratshang which currently needs more than 200 monks.

Informing on the status of education, the dzongkhag’s education officer pointed out that the establishment of Central Schools does not mean that other schools will be shut down.

The dzongkhag census officer reminded gups to inform villagers to bring their newborn children for birth registration within one year of birth.

The dzongkhag’s health officer requested members to report people attempting suicide. A health officer added that seven suicides have been reported in the dzongkhag so far.

As per records, 42 percent of the population consumes alcohol, which the DT members said is a concern. The first LG endorsed a by-law to reduce consumption of alcohol.

In the agriculture sector, shortage of agriculture staff was raised as a concern. The issue has already been submitted to the agriculture ministry.

It was also found that most of power tillers in the dzongkhag are not utilised and more lands are being left fallow every year.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Pemagatshel