Restoration: Two years after renovation of Trashigang dzong began, almost 50.8 percent of the work has been completed.

Major renovation work at the weaker eastern side of the dzong is going steady with the completion of construction of the basement. Walls are currently being raised for the ground floor on which two more floors will be added.

Construction of the drasha (hostel) below the dzong towards Mithidrang town is almost completed. Foundation for the tshokhang (dining hall) has also been laid.

A fire hydrant will be installed and a kitchen constructed. The northern side of the dzong that was renovated earlier would be left untouched.

Project Manager, Tshering Namgay, said the project is expected to be completed within the set time.

“With the risks involved while restoring the dzong, we have to be very cautious. Hence, we’re taking more time on the main building,” he said. “The drasha should be ready in about a month and the tshokhang in about a year.”

When the ground floor of the eastern side of the dzong is complete, the wooden structures will simultaneously be restored to save time.

For the western and southern sides, repair works on the cracked portion of the walls and replacement of rotten wooden structures will soon be carried out. The wooden structures are being prepared at Godi, about 8km from the dzong towards Rangjung.

Although the budget should be enough for the renovation works, Tshering Namgay said unforeseen expenditures could pose some complications.

“There are possibilities that renovation works must have spilled beyond the project plan. Financial issues might thus arise later,” he said.

Without any major renovation since the1970s, a major earthquake in 2009 weakened the 356-year old dzong.

When the renovations started last year, dzongkhag administration was shifted to Trashigang Middle Secondary School. Some monks had to be shifted to Samkhar.

The Nu190 million GOI-funded project is expected to be completed by June 2018.

Tshering Wangdi, Trashigang