Bajo town today has an abundance of recreational areas because of the dzongkhag administration’s initiative to beautify the town this year.

In April this year, officials came together for a mass cleaning in dzongkhag, when the dzongdag shared the idea to beautify the areas at Bajo town.

Wangdue dzongkhag administration’s senior planning officer, Passang Dorji, said that the officials were cooperative and forthcoming.

Later, the areas adjoining Bajo town, were divided among various sectors and sections.

“Including the dzongdag and dzongrab, over 160 officials come to work after office hours on Friday at the areas. Some also volunteer and work on weekends. We don’t have a budget and it is all based on one’s interest,” said Passang Dorji.

The town has stone and flower gardens, mini-parks, benches along the roads, and canopies.

“This is inspired by His Majesty’s wisdom where he has often said that ‘where we live in must be clean, safe, organised and beautiful for national pride and integrity and that this too is nation building’,” Wangdue dzongdag Sonam Jamtsho said.

He added that with a sense of competition among them, each sector tried to make their area better than the others. “We are still continuing the beautification works and once it is completed, we are planning to hand over these facilities to the town residents so that they can take ownership and the responsibility to maintain it for all times to come.”

The dzongkhag today has also rearranged one of the two open gyms according to the exercise routine. “Some of the residents also help us with refreshments,” Passang Dorji said.

Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue