Nima Wangdi

Finance Minister Namgay Tshering, during the question hour at the National Assembly yesterday, said that both the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement and Haa Dzongkhag Administration have surveyed and investigated the Selela farm road and the Dzongkhag administration is ready to continue the work if the alignment is finalized.

He said the people of Samar Gewog objected to the road construction at Etichito. They wanted the road to be constructed from Thangdokha to Setena instead of Selela to Setena. “We only need to decide which location the road to be built through. The Dzongkhag Administration is ready to build through either location, provided it benefits the people of both the gewogs equally.”

Sombaykha’s MP, Dorjee Wangmo, said that the road construction was discontinued after the second government built 11km-stretch. The road from the two far-flung chiwogs of Samar, Setena and Phentena till Samar gewog via Selela, would be 35 Kilometres.

She said the two chiwogs currently are being connected with a farm road to Haa-Samtse highway. People travelling to Haa through this road have to travel 140 kilometers. “People want the farm road constructed at the earliest since it would cut the distance of travel to Haa significantly and benefit the public,” she said.

Dorjee Wangmo also said that the people of four chiwogs of Samar Gewog also own acres of lands in Setena and Phentena, which are being left fallow presently. “The farm road construction would help in recultivating the land left fallow.”

Lyonpo Namgay Tshering said that there was audit memo for the road construction.