Staff reporter   

Coinciding with the joyous occasion of the 10th Royal Wedding Anniversary, the Supreme Court announced yesterday that all dzongkhag courts across the country will facilitate office space for the dzongkhag election offices from today.

The nation’s different institutions must promote resource-sharing and effective collaboration to achieve optimal and efficient use of available resources without incurring extra costs, a press release from the Supreme Court stated. “Special arrangements to use the nation’s limited resources effectively are even more vital now than ever before.”

Inspired by His  Majesty’s timeless wisdom and tireless endeavours towards strengthening Bhutan’s sovereignty, unity, harmony, and solidarity, the press release stated that the judiciary sees an effective collaboration among different institutions as one of the ways to save the Nation’s limited resources and secure our national interests.

The judiciary hopes that this collaboration will not only save the Nation’s resources but also help the Election Commission discharge its duties efficiently, as envisioned under the Constitution, and further the ideals of unity, commitment, harmony, solidarity, and resource-sharing in our Nation.

“As an independent institution with a sacred Constitutional mandate, the Election Commission of Bhutan is the bedrock towards building a vibrant democracy. Further, the Election Commission of Bhutan and the judiciary are independent institutions, which must espouse and practise accountability and professionalism at all times,” the press release stated.

“The Judiciary continues to draw wisdom and inspiration from His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo who symbolises the unified personality of secular and religious interests of the Bhutanese Democratic Constitutional Monarchy as enshrined under the Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan. The Judiciary also hopes to fulfil His Majesty’s vision of effective collaboration and unity among different institutions and citizens for a happy and prosperous Bhutan.”