Trongsa police detained a 41-year-old man for sexually harassing a 17-year-old girl who works in a drayang in Trongsa.

The incident happened on the night of June 3 at the girl’s house. The drayang owner filed a complaint against the dzongkhag kidu officer for alleged rape of the girl.

According to sources, the girl was not feeling well and she was sleeping at home when the incident occurred.

The suspect was arrested the same night.

According to the suspect’s statement to police, he went to her place and when he tried to hold her she screamed and pushed him. He told police that they know each other.

Trongsa hospital’s forensic medical report found that there was no sign of struggle, penetration and no presence of sperm cells.

A health official with the forensic department at the national referral hospital, said, “There are other factors that could result in no sperm deposit in the body. It could be because of using a condom, the man has not ejaculated or because of azoospermia which means complete lack of sperm in the ejaculate.”

The official said it is not likely to find signs of penetration in married women or a woman who is sexually active.

Police detained the man for sexual harassment.

The girl turns 18 on June 25, according to her date of birth.

The drayang owner said that he hired the girl because she said she worked in a drayang in Thimphu.

Dechen Tshomo