Samdrupjongkhar: The Day was celebrated with the unfurling of Guru Tshengye Thongdroel at the dratshang yesterday. The chief guest and civil servants offered a thousand butter lamps and prayers for the well-being of His Majesty The King.

Chapcha gewog recognised on National Day 

Chukha:  Chapcha was declared the best performing gewog during the National Day celebration.

Local leaders from upper Chukha, MPs and dzongkhag officials attended the celebration at Chukha Ngoedruptse dzong.

Chapcha Gup Tobgay said his gewog performed better than other gewogs and that he was happy to receive the best-performing gewog amidst the pandemic.

“There were several key areas where the performance was measured,” the gup said, adding that annual performance agreement and waste management were some the indicators.

Gup Tobgay also said that Chapcha was able to use the funds for all development activities. “Beautification was another criterion. All the chiwogs have parks.”

He also said the gewog achieved 100 percent in having flush toilets.

Meanwhile, in Samtse, besides offering butter lamps and zhabten to His Majesty The King, Samtse Dzongdag Passang Dorji also visited point of entries and observation posts along the border areas to meet the front liners and convey gratitude.


Officials and local leaders celebrate National Day in dzong

Trongsa: Dzongkhag officials and local leaders in Trongsa gathered in the courtyard of Chhoekhor Rabtse dzong to celebrate the 113th National Day yesterday.

They first received the portrait of His Majesty the first Druk Gyalpo, Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck to the courtyard in traditional chibdrel ceremony and then offered butter lamps.


Trongsa: More than 160,000 Bhutanese across the country participated in the lucky draw

Officials and local leaders then sang the national anthem and offered zhabten to His Majesty The King. They then watched the live broadcast of the celebration and listened to His Majesty’s address.

Tangsibji Gup Gyembo Dorji said that although people could not gather in mass to celebrate the National Day because of the pandemic, he was happy to be a part of the celebration virtually. 

Meanwhile, officials and local leaders in Bumthang also gathered in Jakar dzong courtyard to celebrate occasion.

They marked the day by unfurling thongdroel at 6am, followed by lighting of 1,000 butter lamps and offering of zhabten to His Majesty The King.


Sarpang celebrates at Tali dratshang

Sarpang: His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck attended the 113th National Day celebration in Gelephu yesterday.

Local leaders and officials gathered in Tali dratshang to offer prayers and butter lamps.

Sarpang Dzongdag Lobzang Dorji said there was no grand celebration like normal times. “It was an unusual celebration, as we could participate in this important occasion through various media platforms and television.”

He said all Bhutanese should realise that we exist as an independent nation because of the first celebration of this day in 1907 and we continue to receive guidance from His Majesty on every National Day.

Meanwhile, desuups who are on southern border patrolling duty said the news of De-Suung winning Druk Thuksey came as a huge motivation for them.

A DeSuup, Pelden Norbu, said it’s a proud moment and it indicates the earlier batches did a commendable task. “We should continue doing the same.”


Mongar pray for The King

Mongar:  Mongar dzongkhag celebrated the 113th National Day in the courtyard of the old Mongar dzong yesterday.

Dzongkhag officials, regional and corporate heads and local leaders received the portrait of the first hereditary monarch, Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck, in chibdrel ceremony and then offered 1,000 butter lamps and zhabten of His Majesty the King.

Unlike the past years where people usually watch cultural programmes, they watched the live broadcast of the celebration in Punakha yesterday.

The gewogs and schools also celebrated the day with the offering of butter lamps and prayers.

Meanwhile, many rural residents took off a day from their busy chores to celebrate the day with prayers.

A businessman in Mongar, Karma Lhaktong, 27, said he remained glued to the television. “I prayed for the everlasting peace and prosperity under the golden reign of Wangchuck dynasty.”

A corporate employee, Sonam, said he celebrated the day by offering butter lamp in his altar and watched the live telecast of the celebrations.

He said he prayed for His Majesty The King and the sovereignty of the nation.

Meanwhile, Mongar Dzongdag Sonam Ugyen inaugurated the royal water project at Kalapang yesterday.


Haa and Paro participate in the National Day virtually

Haa & Paro:  With the pandemic forcing Bhutanese to celebrate the National Day virtually, dzongkhag officials and local leaders of Haa gathered in Lhakhang Karpo to offer butter lamps and prayers, including zhabten for the long life and the wellbeing of His Majesty The King and the country yesterday. 

They also watched the live broadcast of the celebration in Punakha.

With residents of Haa still celebrating Lomba, residents said there was no better way to celebrate the National Day than enjoying hoentay (buckwheat dumplings) and witnessing the grand celebrations from the comfort of their homes.

Tsheten from Haa, who won an online lucky draw, was taken by surprise when the results were declared. 

The taxi driver, who lives in Thimphu, said that his children insisted him to participate in the lucky draw. 

He said that he had to relook and check the identity card to confirm the numbers. “It is a blessing to win among the 160,000 participants.”

Tsheten said it was his first time winning a lottery. “I haven’t decided whether to choose a phone or take money.”

A Haa resident, Tobgay, said the celebration was no different from previous years where people usually watch live broadcasts. “It is good we celebrated the day at home this year because it is safe.”

Bidha from Haa said that it was a relief to watch His Majesty The King and His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on television. “His Majesty The King provided guidance through his Royal Address. We are blessed and grateful for the selfless leadership.”

Meanwhile, dzongkhag officials and local leaders in Paro gathered at Rinpung dzong to offer prayers and watch the live broadcast.


School organises videography competition to celebrate National Day 

Dagana: Drujeygang Central School in Dagana held a videography competition themed ‘Covid times: Dream the Impossible’ to commemorate the 113th National Day yesterday. 

About 80 students from four houses of the school took part in the month-long video-making project. 


Dagana: Students with their house guides

Zelwa, a 10-minute film featuring a couple who returns home looking for opportunities after their business was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic bagged the award for the best movie. 

The videos were judged based on criteria such as originality and uniqueness of the story, creativity, characters, quality of sound and dialogues, background music and story theme. 

A teacher, Chhoegay Dawa, said the initiative was to engage students in a different activity besides their regular studies. 

“Many extra-curricular and cultural programmes of the school were cancelled in wake of the pandemic this year,” he said. “It was also aimed to create platform for students to exhibit their talents.”

Filmed with mobile phones, the students handled all technical tasks from writing scripts and dialogues, acting, directing and editing a movie. They were, however, given access to school computers and free internet services. 

Principal Tashi Wangchuk said the competition was expected to help students acquire technical skills so that they could explore career options in the future. 

He also said the movies were shot within the school campus in order to abide by the health protocols. 

The students were awarded for the best director, editor and actors. 

Jigme Rinchen Palden, a class 11 student who was awarded the best actor said that the project has given him opportunity to showcase his talent and interest in acting. “I’m happy to be recognised for what I’m very keen about,” he said.


Celebrating National Day by offering prayers and butter lamps

Trashigang:  With national flags flying high in the streets, people in Trashigang celebrated the National Day by offering butter lamps and prayers in their home yesterday. 

Karma, 52, listened to the royal address on radio, as he had no television at home.


Trashigang: Members of the clergy, local governments, and armed forces begin the day offering prayers and butter lamps

Although he doesn’t understand Dzongkha much, he said he wanted to listen to His Majesty The King. “It gives so much happiness to hear His Majesty’s voice.”

Like Karma, a farmer from Udzorong, Sangay Yeshi, said he felt blessed to listen to His Majesty. “We owe to their Majesties for all the peace, prosperity and progress.”

The 60-year-old man said all Bhutanese should serve the nation with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Meanwhile, His Royal Highness Gyaltshab Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Ashi Yeatso celebrated the National Day in Trashiyangtse.


Thimphu marks the 113th National day at Trashichhodzong