Nim Dorji | Bumthang

The judiciary has adopted e-litigation in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic to expedite court proceedings.

Trongsa district court on May 12 delivered the judgment on a fraudulent cheque writing case between OAG and a private individual through video conferencing on Skype without the presence of the parties in the court.

The prosecutor from the OAG participated in the hearing from his office in Thimphu.

Drangpon said that the pandemic has presented the judiciary with an opportunity to enhance accountability as well as to come up with new measures to administer justice. “To ensure continuous flow of justice, the court is making use of modern technology to administer justice”.

For the litigants who cannot read or write, the court have created social media accounts and will use the simplest and convenient method and technologies such as WeChat, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to conduct the judicial proceedings.

The court will also follow the normal proceeding.

E-litigation is expected to not only expedite the judicial process but also save time and cost. “Justice must be kept alive,” Drangpon said.

The man who was charged with writing fraudulent cheque amounting Nu 7,53,000 was sentenced to two years in prison.

In 2016, the defendant borrowed Nu, 6,50,000. After failing to pay within two weeks, with Nu 1,03,000 interest he owed the victim Nu 7,53,000.

The court ruled that the interest is illegal and that defendant should pay the principal amount within a month period from the day of passing the judgement.