MTR: Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay eats at least one egg every day, in the morning, he revealed at the mid-term reviews of Sarpang and Tsirang, recently.

Lyonchoen urged the people of both dzongkhags to do likewise.

He also told the people of Tsirang and Sarpang to feed their children an egg daily if possible. “Feed your child an egg every day, if not at least three eggs a week is must for their growth,” he said. “First feed your children then yourself, guests and then sell it,” he said.

Sarpang and Tsirang excelled in producing eggs.

Sarpang produced 3.2 million dozens of eggs in a year, which is over 35 times more than its annual target of producing 83,333 dozens. The dzongkhag also produced 328.6 metric tonnes (MT) of chicken  against its target of 30MT.

In terms of pork production, Sarpang has equally excelled.Against its target of 30MT, more than 124MT was produced within a year. The dzongkhag also produced 105MT of chevon which is 10 times more than its target.

Sarpang also produced 46MT of fish.

But Sarpang’s production of vegetables was not as impressive as Tsirang’s at 403.8MT. Sarpang produced beans, broccoli, eggplant, okra, bitter gourd, mustard greens, chilli, carrot and onion.

In contrast, Tsirang produced 1,444MT vegetables in a year.

However, its meat production was low at 252.13MT. This included 29.8MT of pork, 3MT of fish and 16.2MT of chevon.

Tsirang also excelled in chicken and egg production. While it was supposed to produce 60MT chicken, within a year 203MT was produced, and of that 287MT was sold. Similarly against the target of producing 1,000 dozens of eggs, it produced 983,137 dozens. Of the total produced, 915,957 dozens was sold last year.

During the Tsirang MTR on April 5, dzongdag Ngawang Pem reported that the dzongkhag was unable to produce a sufficient amount of fish for consumption in the dzongkhag. Most of its needs was met by importing from India.

Lyonchoen directed the dzongkhag to discuss the possibility of acquiring fish from Sarpang instead of importing.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang