YK Poudel

One of the country’s most eco-friendly, Eco-Tech Bhutan Kraft Paper Industry Private Limited, which produces 50 metric tonnes of Kraft paper per day, was launched in Gelephu yesterday.

The plant uses electric boilers to process papers with zero carbon emission.

One of the founders, Thom B. Bista, said that the industry would process paper waste that can be used for making other products. “This industry will be a mother factory for making packaging goods such as envelopes, cartons, and other products.”

The factory has the potential to supply products to firms in the country that import raw materials from abroad. “The paper produced within can be a driving force towards the goal of plastic-free Bhutan,” Thom B. Bista said.

Further to that, he said that the project would have over 150 direct employment opportunities for Bhutanese youth over time.

According to the project promoter, Gyan Prasad Shivakoti, the project has better prospects with a good supply of raw materials from the local scrap dealers and customers in the market.

One of the local scrap dealers, Sonam Dendup, said that local businessmen should welcome such innovative ideas. “And the government should support when such innovations are happening in the country.”

The plant can give opportunities to Bhutanese youth to either set up mini-plants at a dzongkhag level where it will supply the raw material for packaging or be scrap dealers for raw materials for this plant.

The manufacturing unit is spread over 5 acres in Jigmeling Industrial Park.

The company plans to extend the project to work on plastic bottles, aluminium waste, and other wood waste in the long run.

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Loknath Sharma, inaugurated the project.