Nima | Gelephu

Umling’s drungkhag court on May 6 and 7 sentenced four men to more than ten years, one man and two women for more than six years for using illegal routes to cross the border to smuggle psychotropic substances, cigarettes, and tobacco-related products.

Four men who were caught smuggling112 Spasmo Proxyvon Plus capsules had used routes from near Tashiling area that shares a porous border with nearby India.

Two women had smuggled cigarettes and chewing tobacco worth Nu 3,020 through illegal routes. The court sentenced another man for trafficking cigarette and tobacco-related products worth Nu 17,500 from the nearby Indian town using illegal routes.

The convicts were also charged for Criminal Nuisance, Section 410 and 411 (b) and for the Breach of Public Order and Tranquillity (Section 448 and 449) of the Penal Code of Bhutan.

According to Section 410 and 411(b), a defendant is guilty of the offence of criminal nuisance, if the defendant knowingly or recklessly creates or maintains a condition including spreading of a dangerous disease that injures or endangers the safety or health of the public. The offence is graded as fourth degree, which is between three and five years.

Section 448 and 449 states that if the defendant purposely fails to abide by the orders of the government issued in the interest of public safety, public order and tranquillity, it will be graded as a petty misdemeanour liable for imprisonment of less than one year and more than three months

In another case, the court also charged and sentenced the convict to 11 months and 29 days without bail. He had used an illegal route to return home and had not declared his travel history.

The court is investigating several other charges forwarded by the Gelephu police.