Thinley Namgay 

A short video made by the students of ELC High School in Thimphu bagged the first prize in the first international expothon organised by Sabari Indian School in Dubai.

‘2020 your choice’ video depicts the two critical issues in the world at present: Covid-19 pandemic and global warming.

One of the team members, Dhega Jamden said that her team had linked these two issues. “We portrayed how humans are affecting the earth and how Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of nature.”

Other two members were- Karma Yeshi Tshomo (class VIII) and Jigme Norbu Dorji (class IX).

More than 150 students between 11-14 years from Bhutan, India, United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine participated in the competition meant to foster creativity and collaboration among students beyond classroom learning.

Students were asked to make less than five-minute videos of their choice and started working on their ideas between August and September.

The video on a natural refrigerator came second.

One of the team members, Tsangyang Gyatsho, 14, said that the natural refrigerator does not consume energy and performs same as the artificial one. “Artificial fridge releases chloro fluoro carbon and pollutes the air.”

“It is an alternative. We have tested our natural fridge, which can be made from any material, and the fruits and vegetables have remain fresh even after two weeks,” the class IX student said.

Other teammates were Lhawang Peljor (class VII) and Pema Yoezer (class VI).

Altogether, the school’s 22 students (class VI-IX) created six videos in web designing, performing arts, chef corners and greener life categories.

The other videos were- ballad of Pemai Tshewang Tashi, two cake making videos, and greenhouse gas effect. Parents and relatives supported the students in terms of materials and ideas.

The videos were screened at the school’s auditorium during the award ceremony on October 12. They will be uploaded on YouTube and the school’s Facebook page.

The winners will get USD 300 in cash prize and the first runners up team will get a three-day free online course on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) besides the certificates.

Principal Deki Choden said that the win was a remarkable feat. It aligns with the school’s long-term goal on collaborative learning. “ELC school has been a country partner for the global school initiative called Design for Change, which has a four-step process of feel, imagine, do and share.”

If teachers only send out lessons trying to replicate the classroom experience in a whole novel setting, she said that would not be possible.

“If we don’t think about it enough, we’ll be hijacked by the situation and not be able to imagine a new way of learning,” said Deki Choden.