Aspiring S/J thrompon candidate Sangay Tenzin had asked that the zomdu be nullified given discrepancies

LG: The Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body decided the results of the chiwog zomdu cannot be nullified despite a complaint being lodged by aspiring thrompon candidate, Sangay Tenzin.

Sangay Tenzin, on August 21, submitted a petition to the dispute body expressing his dissatisfaction with the zomdu held on August 19 in Dewathang, after he lost from Kipse constituency in Samdrupjongkhar thromde.

Sangay Tenzin, who secured 35 Yes and 39 No votes, submitted seven points demanding clarifications and to nullify the zomdu result.

The letter written to Sangay Tenzin says that the dispute settlement body has reviewed the allegations and decided not to further investigate the case as the allegations were related to the functioning of election officials and the election office.

Sangay Tenzin had submitted that some of the voters had to return following lapses with the draft electorate roll and therefore could not cast their votes.

The dispute settlement body says there were no lapses from the election and states that voters were repeatedly informed to raise issues from July 20 to July 30.

But despite two rounds of voter education, no one had come forward with any problems during the 10-day period.

However, the dispute settlement body acknowledged lapses in the zomdu as the photocopy of a citizenship identity card was accepted, which was one of the seven points Sangay Tenzin raised.

The dispute settlement body cautioned the zomdu team for the lapse.

Sangay Tenzin had also said that conflict of interest was not declared despite a thromde official being included as part of the zomdu conducting team. The dispute settlement body said there was no need for declaration of conflict of interest as the said officer is from Mongar and not the constituency.

The dispute settlement body also declared that the zomdu could not be nullified as there was no infringement of election rules and regulations.

Sangay Tenzin was not satisfied with the dispute settlement body’s decision.

While he can appeal to the Central Election Dispute Settlement Body, he is yet to decide. He has five days to appeal.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Samdrupjongkhar