An electrical engineering graduate, Sonam Tashi has decided to contest in the upcoming 2018 National Council (NC) elections from Tsento, Paro.

Sonam Tashi is from Balakha village in Paro and graduated from the College of Science and Technology in June 2014.

Until he decided to contest in the NC elections, he worked as a project manager at Tacho construction private limited and managed funds for projects.

The 28-year-old also served as house captain during his school days and then as the student president in his college. Sonam Tashi sees participating in the NC election as an opportunity to give back to the country.

He said that contesting in NC would allow him to take people’s ideas to the right people. “Unlike in NA, where the interest of the party also has to be taken into consideration, in NC my decisions wouldn’t be biased.”

NC as a house of check and balance, he said could advice, correct, support and give directions to the government to ensure that they work in line with the Constitution to facilitate enforceable, unambiguous and reasonable laws.

If elected, he said he would focus on reviewing the state mining and minerals laws, the local government Act, and on legislative and review functions. “The local government act today doesn’t get state funding for their campaign like the political parties and council candidates resulting in poor participation of people and leaving behind capable individuals.”

Although Tsento gewog has the second largest electorate among the 10 gewogs in the dzongkhag, there was no candidate in the last two NC elections. By coming forward he said he wants to encourage people to participate in the elections. “Whether I win or lose, I want to represent my gewog and dzongkhag and give people more choice this time.”

Karma Cheki