Ugyen Dorji 

Residents of Kholomri and Goenpawong in Decheling gewog, Pemagatshel are worried as elephants have been creating trouble in the locality.

Foresters and villagers tried to chase away the elephants, but it didn’t work.

In July, an elephant destroyed the crops and maize fields in Dungchilo village. Elephants also damaged the bran huts made to store the crops.  A farmer from Dungchilo, Thinley Tempa said the elephant has trampled half of his maize field and broke his bran hut and other utensils.

He said that elephants started visiting the village last year. “But there was no damage to crops last year.”   “Last year, the elephant entered our village and damaged electric meter boxes and we reported it to the gewog,” he said.  Villagers say elephants have been visiting continuously this year.

The elephants leave a trail of destruction in the villages

Another farmer Choni Dorji said an elephant entered Dungchilo village and chased the people recently. “We reported to the forest officials.”

On September 17, the elephant damaged the citrus trees, banana trees, soya bean fields, and other crops in Phabtari in Goenpawong chiwog.

Farmers say the elephants are staying in a herd and very few remain alone.

Decheling Gup Jimba Phuntsho said that farmers reported the issue to the gewog but there is no case of casualties so far.

According to the Gup, foresters are on guard day and night chasing the elephants away, but it is challenging for them.

The Gup said that since the elephants have started to enter the village from August, fears are growing that it might also attack villagers.

Kuensel could not contact forest officials.