Accident: An official of the Royal Bhutanese embassy in Bangkok died after being electrocuted while attempting to cross over a fence in the premises of Bangkok Villa, a residential area near the embassy, on June 19.

“Initial investigation suggest death by electrocution, however we are still awaiting detailed official report,” an official of the foreign affairs ministry said in an emailed statement.

Thai media reported that the official had touched a metal power pole which had a power leakage while attempting to cross over the fence.

“Royal Bhutan Embassy, Bangkok is taking all necessary action to expedite transportation of the body to Bhutan,” it was added. The body arrived in the country yesterday.

“As per Royal Command, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is extending all necessary support to the family members of the deceased,” it was also pointed out.

The official also pointed out that the Prime Minister and foreign minister are “deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic incident.”

Staff reporter