Office of the Attorney General (OAG) charged a proprietor of an incense manufacturing unit and his employee in an embezzlement case where he allegedly manhandled her.

OAG attorney filed the case at the Gelephu dungkhag court on April 21.

According to OAG’s submission to the court, the 23-year-old employee of the private company that makes incense and bricks in Kuengacholing, Gelephu, has allegedly embezzled the company’s funds since 2015.

She has misused more than Nu 800,000 from the accounts of the company.

The employee was looking after administration and finance matters of the company.

The employer alleged that she had embezzled Nu 2.2 million (M) but when the police investigated, only about Nu 800,000 could be verified.

OAG officials said that the employee collected dues from customers who bought the incense and bricks on credit but did not deposit them in to the company’s account. The highest amount she was charged for embezzling Nu 1.82M from incense sale.

The amount was collected mostly from the business firms in Gelephu.

She was also alleged of embezzling money in 2016, when the company sold bricks to a business firm in Zhemgang worth Nu 15,800 but she deposited only half the amount.

The issue surfaced when 22,117 bricks were not account for in 2016 as per the company’s sale register. Following the detection of this shortage, the employer investigated and found that 7,600 bricks were not reflected in the register.

According to the OAG charges, another employee of the company who had known about the embezzlement of about Nu 60,070 was given Nu 42,000 by the woman.

OAG then also charged the employee on a lesser degree than the primary suspect.

OAG also charged the employer, who was accused of manhandling the employee by tying her hands, interrogating her and making her sign her confession for the alleged embezzlement.

He was charged for misdemeanour offence.

Tshering Palden