Staff reporter  

Bhutan will observe Consumer Rights Day today themed ‘empowering consumers through clean energy transitions’.

Each year, the global consumer movement celebrates March 15 as World Consumer Rights Day to raise global awareness about consumer rights, consumer protection, and empowerment and draw attention to a critical problem that affects consumers everywhere.

The goal of the global consumer movement is to increase access to clean energy in clean homes, clean transport, and clean electricity supply.

Minister for energy and natural resources, Loknath Sharma said, “As consumers of energy, collectively we wield change-inducing influence over how energy is generated, by demanding clean energy and switching to clean energy sources.”

“We may take a considerable time for a complete transition to renewable energy, but, change we must, for our present and the future,” Lyonpo said.

Lyonpo also said that Bhutan must consistently apply pressure on energy-producing countries and governments and energy companies to provide cleaner alternatives. “Where choices are available, we must as consumers consciously switch to clean energy and associated technologies.”

According to officials from the Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (CCAA)  the theme is built around energy as most economies are facing a deepening energy crisis globally with global energy prices rising by 50 percent last year and expected to remain high in 2023 impacting vulnerable consumers everywhere and compelling them to change the lifestyles to adjust the budget for paying their energy bills.

“As energy consumers, we have the power to hasten the transition into sustainable energy and promote energy-efficient consumption,” an official said.

However, officials said that the opportunity for consumers to accelerate clean energy transitions is currently lacking. Consumers need to be supported and empowered to overcome consistent technological, infrastructural, financial, regulatory, and knowledge-related barriers, which stand in the way of transformative action.

The CCAA strives to focus on strengthening consumer protection while simultaneously encouraging consumers to be aware of their rights and drive the clean and sustainable energy transition.