Thinley Namgay

Gewog leaders in Thimphu, who have been enforcing some judgments of civil cases, said they face challenges.

Gups said that courts ask them to enforce judgments related to family dispute, marriage, property distribution, and water issue in their gewog but many litigants do not agree while enforcing it.

This issue was deliberated in the recent Thimphu dzongkhag tshogdu held earlier this month and members decided that the dzongkhag should send a letter to the court requesting the presence of a drangpon or any court representative while enforcing the judgment.  

Soe gup, Kencho Dorjee, said that there would not be any issue to enforce the court’s decision if both parties agree on the terms and conditions. “It becomes challenging when they disagree while enforcing at the gewog office.”

“In a year, five to six judgments have to be enforced in Soe and it is difficult when parties disagree with the judgment,” he said.

Genekha gup, Karma Gyeltshen, said some people disagree with the judgment at the gewog. “It would be better to have a legal representative from the court to enforce the judgment.”

Kawang gup, Thupten Wangchuk, said enforcing court decision is difficult in the gewog.

He said he ask people, who come to court to enforce the judgment, as mandated by the court if they would accept the gewog’s enforcement. “If they have an issue, I send them to court justifying they do not want gewog to enforce it.”