Dorji Wangmo and  Sonam Deki  | Interns

Thirty unemployed engineers are attending a 10-day training in construction rules, Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP), Construction Manager Software (CMS), and Occupational Health Safety (OHS) in Thimphu.

The objective of the training is to generate employment and improve construction quality by providing employment opportunities to the unemployed civil and electrical engineers in the construction industry.

This is following the government’s recent initiative to revise the evaluation parameters for procurement of work projects more than Nu 5 million, which will be implemented this July.

Construction Development Board (CDB) director Karma Sonam, said, “The large and medium contractors will have to employ these certified engineers as a required human resource to participate in government procurement.”

Those contractors who employ these engineers trained and certified in CIRR, e-GP, CMS, and OHS will get an additional 10 points or 100 points in the evaluation criteria of ‘Adequate Manpower’.

The CDB official said that the current evaluation parameters don’t provide any points for inexperienced personnel or human resources. Prior to implementing the said criteria, it is necessary to train and certify an adequate number of engineers and make them available in the market.

The CDB has plans to train more than 300 graduate engineers in these four modules, provided they score a minimum of 50 percent in each module and maintain 90 percent attendance. CDB will train 120 engineers in Thimphu by the end of next month. Two more batches of 30 engineers each will be trained in Gelephu and one in Mongar in March.

The training was organised by the Construction Development Board, Department of National Properties (DNP), and Ministry of Labour and Human Resources.