Will be deliberated in the third reading 

Yangchen C Rinzin 

National Assembly yesterday endorsed the motion to table the Entitlement and Service Conditions (Amendment) Bill for the Holders, Members and Commissioners of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan 2020 Bill and decided to deliberate on the bill.

The Chairperson of the Social and Culture Committee, Ugyen Tenzin who introduced the Bill yesterday said that the consultative meetings with the members of the body that submits the lists of nominees for Constitutional offices to His Majesty for the appointments said the amendment was needed.

The joint body consists of Prime Minister, the Chief Justice, the Chairman of the National Council, the leader of the opposition party and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Bji-Kartshog-Eusu MP Ugen Tenzin said that in January the National Council endorsed and proposed 10 new sections including amendment of three Sections.

Section 4 of the Bill states that a person appointed as the Holder, Member and Commissioner of a Constitutional Office shall resign from his or her previous office with the post-service benefits.

However, the National Council has proposed to remove “member and commissioner” from the section meaning they will not have to resign from the post to assume the Constitutional office.

It also proposes to amend Section 11. As per the proposal, salaries, allowances, benefits and other entitlements of the Holders, Members and Commissioners of Constitutional Offices shall be as per the Pay Revision Act of Bhutan.

One of the new sections proposes that in the case of the judiciary, the National Judicial Commission shall submit to Druk Gyalpo the list of names recommended for appointment to the Offices of the Supreme Court and the High Court.

Another section includes Code of Professional Conduct that spells on the nomination of appointment, which shall be transparent and non-discriminatory. “Two-third of the total members of the nomination panel shall form the quorum,” the section stated.

The House unanimously supported the motion to deliberate the Bill.

The Speaker directed the committee to submit their recommendations and findings for third reading.

The House also decided to deliberate on the Lhengye Zhungtshog Bill.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly also supported the motion to defer the amendment of Police (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2020 and the third reading of the Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2019.

Both Bill will be deliberated in the fifth session of Third Parliament.