A detainee who escaped from Thimphu dzongkhag court on June 19 was re-arrested on July 10 from Samtse.

The 28-year-old man was brought to Thimphu the next day.

A police official said the police produced him to Thimphu dzongkhag court yesterday because he is under trail.

From Trong in Zhemgang, the detainee was arrested in March for larceny. He was taken to the court for his first hearing when he made the escape.

The official said that the detainee had 32 pending larceny cases against him for stealing items including cash, handbags and purses worth about Nu 770,000. “He will also be charged for escaping from lawful custody.”

Police forwarded the larceny cases to the Office of the Attorney General on April 26.

Section 172 of the Penal Code of Bhutan states that the offence of escape from lawful custody shall be a misdemeanour in addition to the remaining sentences which the defendant is undergoing.

A misdemeanour provides for a maximum term of imprisonment of less than three years and a minimum term of a year for the convicted defendant.

Staff Reporter