Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue 

At 1:45pm yesterday, Zangchu Dema made a call to one of the officials in Wangdue for essential items. After about an hour, she was picked from her doorstep, taken to a wholesale shop and dropped home with her grocery items.

Until August 15, dzongkhag administration officials of Wangdue were flooded with calls and rush for demands for essential items.

With increasing demands and complaints about service delivery failures, the officials introduced the escort client car service.

Sangay Dorji said that prior to the introduction of the service, people complained of slow service delivery. “We would receive list of the items they required. Sometimes after the items are brought, they won’t pick our call. Residents also said that quantity of the vegetables weren’t correct.”

With the escort client car service, nearly 550 deliveries were made until yesterday.

The dzongkhag administration has designated five cars with officials to deliver service. The service caters to around 9,000 people in Bajo.

Town committee representative, Dorji, said that prior to the escort client car service, a team could make around only 10 deliveries a day.

With the introduction of the service, at least 30 clients are escorted to buy their essential items.

De-Suups are also identified to ensure that safety protocols are followed. Sanitizers are made available in the car.

The officials have been receiving positive feedback.

Zangchu Dema said that the service was convenient for shoppers. “It is comfortable, fast and safe.”