Cooperation: The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the European Union (EU) yesterday launched the Operational Programme Estimate for technical cooperation project to support renewable natural resources sector (EUTCP).

The EU is funding the Nu 340 million project to strengthen the capacity of the ministry to achieve its objectives of the 11th Plan.

Over a period of about two years, approximately about 1,000 officials of the agriculture and forests ministry will benefit from the project.

The officials will train in the areas of crop production, horticulture, animal husbandry, forest management and climate change resilient production technologies.

The activities of this project include a variety of technical training within the country and abroad.

In the 11th Plan, the ministry plays a key role in improving the livelihood in rural areas, ensuring food security, and alleviating poverty in the country.

Agriculture Minister Yeshey Dorji said: “Human resource play a crucial role in achieving and delivering the goals and objectives of the RNR Sector.”

Head of Cooperation of EU delegation to Bhutan, Dr Johann Hesse, said he has confidence in the project to make useful contributions to the efforts of the government in raising the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry and improve the livelihood of producers, especially in rural areas.

The project will complement other EU support that will begin next year, including a new Nu 1.48 billion programme for local government.

Staff  reporter