LG: According to the results posted on the Election Commission’s website, Jampel from Zung-Ngae is the gup-elect for Chumig gewog in Bumthang.

The ECB website initially stated that Jampel secured 409 votes and Kelzang Dorji secured 625. However, in the corrected results declared today, Jampel secured 694 votes and Kelzang Dorji 625.

The vote break-up available from the Bumthang election office stated that Jampel secured 610 votes in the electronic voting machine (EVM) and 84 from postal ballot.

In Chhokehor, the former gewog clerk, Pema Doengyel, is the gup-elect while in Tang, it is Ugyen Nima from Bepzur-Kunzangdrag chiwog.

Khandu Wangchuk from Ura-Dozhi is the new Ura gup.

Chundu Tshering from Gyaltsa is the Chumey mangmi-elect. Kunzang Lhamo is the new Chongphel tshogpa; Sonam Wangchuk is the new Domkhar tshogpa, Damcho is the new Gyaltsa tshogpa, Leki Tshewang is the new Phurgoen tshogpa and Pema is the new Zung Ngae tshogpa.

In Choekhor, Sangay Thinley is the mangmi-elect. Lepo is the new Dawathang-Dorjibi-Kashin tshogpa. Sonam Phuntsho is the new Dhur-Lusibee tshogpa, Kinley new Kharsa-Thangbi tshogpa, Kencho Norbu new Nangsipe-Zangling-Zhabjethang tshogpa and Tashi Galey is the Pedtseling-Tamzhing tshogpa.

Damduela is the new Tang mangmi. Rinchen Phuntsho is the Bepzur-Kuenzangdrag chiwog tshogpa, Sangay Tshewang is the Dazur tshogpa, Leki is the Kangrab tshogpa, Lekila is Kidzom-Nyimalung tshogpa and Tashi Lhendup is the Tandigang tshogpa.

In Ura, Dorji Wangchuk is the new Ura mangmi. Tshewang Jamtsho is the Betang-Pangkhar-Somthrang tshogpa and Ugyen Tenzin the new Tangsibi tshogpa. Sangay Budha is the Shingkhar tshogpa and Pema Wangchuk is the Shing-Nyer tshogpa.

Tashi Dema | Bumthang


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