Fuel: Kerosene users in Thimphu might have to wait for a few more days before the Druk Petroleum Corporation’s stock for next month arrives.

Thimphu has been facing a kerosene shortage for almost a week now.

Druk Petroleum Corporation Ltd (DPCL) officials say that the shortage occurred because of excessive use of the fuel this month. This excessive use exhausted this month’s kerosene quota of 50,000 litres before the month ended.

DPCL’s regional manager in Thimphu, Nima Tshering said during winter months, 50,000 litres of kerosene is imported from Siliguri in India, which is 30,000 litres more than what is imported in other seasons.

“At least 6,000 litres was sold everyday this month so the supply finished early,” he said, adding that daily sales reached 12,000 litres some days.

However, the regional office for the trade department continues to issue kerosene tokens.

Nima Tshering said it will take two to three more days before the next stock arrives. DCPL is currently collecting and submitting coupons to the trade department for approval of next month’s kerosene import quota.

He said Thimphu residents who have been collecting coupons from the trade department might have to renew the date of issue, since kerosene coupons are valid for only the month in which it is issued.

Meanwhile, residents using kerosene for heating purposes have switched to electrical appliances such as rod and panel heaters.

“I’ve been asking almost everyday if the supply has arrived,” a 34-year-old Thimphu resident, Wangdi said. He added that the last few days have been very cold and electric heaters, particularly the rod heater are inadequate for families.

He said he uses kerosene in such a way that 50 litres entitled for a person in a month lasts for that particular month. He lights the heater for about four hours everyday from 6pm until 10pm.

A litre of kerosene cost Nu 15.35 in Thimphu.

Nirmala Pokhrel