YK Poudel 

Local businesses to broaden their business are exhibiting at the Thimphu Mega Trade Fair that began in the capital yesterday.

The fair has over 48 national exhibitors, who have gathered to showcase their goods.

Bikash Rai, 27, owner of Bikash Easy Shopping, said that he is hopeful of better opportunities after the fair. “Since Thimphu is a business hub of Bhutan with a good start on the first day, I’m certain that the fair would bring businessmen in Thimphu better opportunities.”

Another exhibitor, Dorji Wangmo, who is exhibiting home decor during the fair, said that when she took part in a similar fair in 2018, there were participants from various dzongkhags and it was a successful one. “As the fair is targeted towards regional product promotion, I am hoping for a positive outcome.”

The event manager of Tendrel Events, Sonam Dorji said that the fair is organised with the motive to sell and promote regional products. “The economic affairs ministry issued a ban notice that involves external vendors. The fair being a national fair did not face any challenge and our motive has remained in line with the notice.”

Varieties of consumer products that are locally produced or imported before the pandemic have been displayed, ranging from furniture, home decor, leather products, gym and fitness accessories, and textile products at the fair.

Exhibitors are charged Nu 20,000 per stall for the entire period of the fair. The five-day fair will end on Saturday.

Tendrel Events aims to conduct such fairs in other regions as well.

The economic affairs ministry issued a notice that states, “Trade fair with imported goods banned. Only thematic fairs that promote local goods and services for export will be allowed.”

This was done to balance the overall trade of the country.

According to Bhutan Trade Statistics 2021, the overall trade deficit was over Nu 32 billion.