Update: The member of an expedition to Memari Lake who was admitted at Laya BHU for mountain sickness would be airlifted to Thimphu today between 7-8am.

Pilots of the twin chopper expect the weather to clear around this time of the morning.

Gasa dzongrab Tshewang Jurmi said that the twin choppers flew until Gasa yesterday and after making few rounds, returned to Paro due to bad weather.

Laya gup Kinley Dorji said they have reached the patient at Takshimakhang (army camp), which is about an hour’s walk from Laya. Twelve people including officials from the gewog, school and BHU reached the official until Takshimakhang, which has medical facilities and a place for the patient to stay, the gup said.

The 26-year old official from the department of hydro-met services and was on an expedition to Memari (Lemithang) Lake. He suffered from mountain sickness since July 27 and was carried to Laya BHU on July 28.

“If the chopper can land, he would be air lifted today from Takshimakhang,” the gup said. “If not, we have to reach him until Kohina, which is three-four hours walk from Takshimakhang.”

The dzongrab said the official is stable as reported by Laya BHU. The district health sector will be sending a doctor and a caretaker until Kohina as recommended by health ministry, he said.