If there is one reason why the Wangduephodrang National Council member was re-elected, it was his experience and visibility.

Incumbent Tashi Dorji managed to secure the highest votes from 25 of the 47 polling stations in the dzongkhag. He also got the highest postal ballots.

He secured the highest votes from the two gewogs with the highest number of registered voters, Rubesa and Nyisho.

Tashi Dorji secured 489 votes from the 894 voters in Nyisho and 537 from 1,015 voters in Rubesa. He contested from Rubesa gewog.

He also secured more votes from two gewogs with lowest voter base, Nahi and Gasetshowom.

The incumbent won by 1,244 votes over the Bjena gewog candidate, Passang Thrinlee, who has parliamentary experience for serving as the National Assembly member in 2008 to 2013.

Passang Thrinlee secured 3,751 (3,129 EVM and 622 postal ballots) votes. He won in 17 polling stations.

Most people in the dzongkhag say they voted based on experience.

Tshering Yangden, 23, from Nagopatra village in Rubesa gewog said she voted for a candidate who would not only represent them but also benefit the nation.

“An experienced candidate would be aware of our problems.”

A 38-year-old contractor, Tashi Penjor, said the representative should be experienced and well mannered. “For a leader to lead and serve well, he needs to be good at heart and behaviour.”

The member elect, Tashi Dorji, attributed his success to the public debate, common forums and use of social media.

“I feel those factors could have made more difference than the door to door campaign. I used the initial two days of door to door campaigning to contact everyone through social media,” he said.

He said the public debate on April 5 was held at the right time, as people were deciding whom to vote for the postal ballot.

Tashi Dorji said he would now focus on bringing the people together during his constituency visits. “I will represent the people as Wangduephodrang’s NC member, irrespective of who voted for whom.”

Dawa Tshering from Sephu gewog got the highest votes from three polling stations securing a total of 1,618 votes (1,226 EVM votes and 392 postal ballots).

Rada Wangchuk from Bajo throm secured the highest votes from two of the 47 polling stations securing 1,357 (1,156 EVM and 201 postal ballots) votes.

Thinley from Thedtsho gewog secured 427 votes including 388 EVM and 39 postal ballots.

Karma Cheki | Wangdue