Seventeen Swiss business delegates visited Bhutan to present their business to promote trade and business between the two countries. The businesses range from agriculture, constructions, education, health, and hydropower.

The organiser, Swiss Embassy in India, said that since Bhutan would soon graduate to medium-income country, besides investing in a developmental corporation, Swiss companies were focusing on partnership in the field of culture, economic, political consultation, trade and businesses.

President of BCCI, Phub Zam, said that the development corporation between the two countries until now had taken place mostly at the government level. Therefore, the platform provides entrepreneurs from both countries to explore business opportunities with mutual benefit.

“Switzerland has strong industrial base that equally match the geographical condition of Bhutan,” said Phub Zam.

Bhutan was growing quickly and was committed to sustainable economic development that offered ready access to the Indian and dynamic markets in Asia, she added.

Phub Zam said that the potential opportunities of investment were in the agriculture sector that received priority in the developmental plans and organic vision was an evolving package. Further to that, other sectors of attraction involved hydropower, tourism, cottage and small industry, and infrastructure development.

She said, “Business to business meeting would generate viable ideas to kick start worthy bilateral and joint venture projects sooner.”

Deputy Director of Swiss Business Hub, India, Deepti Sharma, said that the delegation would either bring immediate partnership opportunity or a movement that would happen in a year or so. She highlighted the potential for cosmetic sourcing machine in Bhutan because the country is rich in medicinal herbs and plants.

Bhutan-Switzerland business meet, which focused on strengthening business relation, saw extensive network between the businessmen and entrepreneurs from BCCI and Loden Foundation.

The organiser said government and private sector representatives and investors would follow upon the business collaboration hereafter. The embassy will provide networking assistance.

Phub Dem