Sherub Wangmo | Intern

Some members of Film Association of Bhutan (FAB) appealed to the Civil Society Organisation Authority (CSOA) for intervention as they will not be able to vote in the upcoming election for board of trustees.

The election is scheduled on August 8.

Members, who appealed, failed to renew their membership and are disqualified from voting.

CSOA officials forwarded the grievances to the interim board stating it is an internal issue of the association and asked the board to review it for the common interest of all members and importantly in the interest of the association.

However, an interim board member said the election will be held on the scheduled date as the interim board members could not meet to review the grievance. “CSOA wanted us to meet but we could not conduct a meeting as most members are not around.”

The aggrieved members said more than half of the FAB members, including crew members and senior members could not renew their memberships due to the current situation.

They said most of the members are not in Thimphu as they could not produce any movies for the last two years.

They also claimed that in the previous years, members who failed to renew their membership were made to pay a certain fine and were allowed to renew the membership but not this year.

They said they approached the interim board members before approaching the CSOA to provide them a week to renew their membership but the board did not consider.

Edited by Tashi Dema